July 15 2010 Thursday at 11:54 AM

The Duvet Project


This photo caught my eye a coupla weeks ago for a few reasons. (Polishing glasses.) Ahem:

1. Yay! That's my pattern! (Rhumba dancer found here) 

2. Whoah, that is some nice filling work. Great effect. Fast, easy to do, but so effective. I must blog this one. What am I looking at? Where am I? What's that...say down there on the computer screen?

3. Oh! It's part of an larger, even more awesome-er Duvet Project by Giddy99 on Flickr! She says:

In late February 2010 I began embroidering a plain white, queen-sized duvet and the matching shams. The idea is to just embroider a hodge-podge of patterns that appeal to me. It may take years to finish, but I don't care. I'm enjoying it immensely.

She must be:

(Delilah the Beautiful pattern by Andrea Zuill.)

This is my favorite one on the duvet. I love the way she fills in areas with concentric, flowy lines. And the hair is great. Just great!

Link to more photos of Giddy99's Duvet Project