Licensing Application (100 Pieces or Less)

This is for a license to produce handmade items totaling no more than 100 pieces per year or less. If you are seeking to produce items in higher quantities, or to use third-party manufacturing please contact us. 

You will receive an email with the application and licensing agreement for you to download, sign and mail back to us. We will contact you once it is received and approved.

✔ Neatness counts! If your application is incomplete or unreadable, you will be asked to apply again.

✔ Please don't copy and re-edit the agreement on your computer so it's all run together like one big block of text. Print it out, complete by hand and mail in, please and thank you!


Please note: This licensing agreement only covers those designs in the Sublime Stitching catalog of embroidery patterns, but does NOT include designs from the Moomin Characters™ collection or those designs that appear in Jenny Hart's titles published by Chronicle Books.


Licensing Application


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