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Wedding Gift!

Wedding Gift!
Made with:
  • Tea Towel
  • Sublime Stitching Book Patterns

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Made by: Abigail Carr, South Bend IN

About My Project:

This is a wedding gift for my cousin. I combined different patterns from the Sublime Stitching book to make this creation. It is a picture frame. You place a photograph in the center of the vines. Overall I am happy with the outcome. It took a long time to complete. The only thing I do not like is the way the letters and numbers turned out. I tried freehanding the the letters and numbers and it was difficult.

Jenny says...

Oh Abigail, I think your lettering makes it even sweeter! And really, no one minds because they're admiring the incredible cake you built out of the repeatable pattern! So clever. With lovebirds as a topper? Look at you. What a great piece you made!

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