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Art school font project

Art school font project
Made with:
  • Zippered Pillow Case
  • Craftopia

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Made by: Natascha Garland, Hamilton, New Zealand

About My Project:

This pillow was an outcome for an end-of-year art school project. My aim was to create a font based on a hand-sewn look. To best illustrate the idea (and to help me create it) I hand sewed it first then translated it into a working font. I kept the original alphabet I sewed and was stuck how to display it. When I found your patterns I knew what to do! Your great patterns helped me to fill in the blank space so thanks! The pillow got great reviews when I showed it to the class!

Jenny says...

Wow! We're showing up on homework now? Mighty glad to help you with your studies! Great job. I give you an A.

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