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"I Promise To Be A Good Boy" ★PICK!

"I Promise To Be A Good Boy"  ★PICK!
Made with:
  • My Own Project
  • My Own Design

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Made by: Kim, San Pedro, CA

About My Project:

I made this for my boss' birthday about 4 yrs ago of her mischievous cat, Benny. She thought I was making her a necklace & was, well, perplexed when she opened it. Never said a word about it & I nvr saw it again until last wkend when I was cat sitting and THERE IT WAS! I love it, but now think I shld have filled in the curtains & table darker b/c you can't see them from afar. Embroidery + acrylic paint. You might recognize some elements from your portraits, Jenny - thanks! :)

Jenny says...

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