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The Sublime Stitchers! Contest Entry

The Sublime Stitchers! Contest Entry
Made with:
  • My Own Project
  • Krazy Kitchen
  • Rock 'n Roll
  • Sublime Stitching Book Patterns
  • Sexy Librarians
  • Beach Babes

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Made by: Lauren (aka Giddy99), Tennessee

About My Project:

I am thrilled to participate in a Sublime Stitching contest! It's because of Sublime Stitching that I now have my favorite and beloved hobby of embroidery (I am truly grateful for that). I used five Sublime Stitching sources: 4 Patterns - Krazy Kitchen, Sexy Librarians, Beach Babes & Rock 'N Roll, & 2 patterns (guitar & banner) from the Sublime Stitching Book. This is on my Duvet Project & measures 20.5 inches wide. I submitted the biggest picture allowed (max 1024 wide).

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