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Lora and Sergio

Lora and Sergio
Made with:
  • My Own Project
  • Tattoo Your Towels

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Made by: Charity Walker, Cottonwood Shores, Tx (next to Austin, Jenny)

About My Project:

This is my first stitch project. I made a small skinny mod-looking pillow for my cousin/best friend's new house. I used some olive green fabric, stitched it, doubled the fabric to make it thicker, and sewed it up. I gave it to her at her wedding. They are Lora and Sergio(what's on the sash), the most awesome punk/nerd couple I know, and loved making this for them. It really is true what Spongebob's grandma says, "There's love in every stitch." My cousin's smile was the best part of the project.

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