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Combo Contest

Combo Contest
Made with:
  • My Own Project
  • Krazy Kitchen
  • Roller Derby
  • Spaced Out
  • Sublime Stitching Book Patterns
  • Winterland
  • Garden Variety
  • Christmastime
  • Embroidered Effects

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Made by: Candace, Austin, TX

About My Project:

Alternate Universe!

Jenny says...

This was one of my favorites. There is some serious mashing up going on. I count at least four patterns making up the roller-skating alien. Brought together seamlessly, I might add. I love the colors, I love the koo-koo combos, and I never, ever once thought about sticking that alien head on the ditzy gal! Rocket-blasting cupcakes? Stop. Please note the saxophone-playing bee.

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