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Dear Prudence!

Prudence Grayson of Brisbane, Queensland Australia has masterfully stitched our Ryan Berkley patterns to stunning effect! Her filling work (is this crewel, we wonder?) is painterly and perfect. The 3-D details on each piece (Miss Bunny's strand of pearls, Mr. Robin's satin bow tie) make these true treasures of needlework.



 Find these Ryan Berkley Embroidery Patterns right here.


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  • PRudence gRayson on

    Thank you all for all your compliments. I believe if you enjoy what you’re doing, it shows in your work. I LOVED stitching Ryan Berkly’s Well Dressed Animals, no doubt as much as he loved drawing them.
    Hey, Sublime: Tell him we want the Aussie animals next!

  • christine on

    omg!! these are gorgeous! these are done so beautifully & very inspiring. I have these patterns and have done Mr Fox-but Prudence yours are wonderful!! keep up the good work!

  • Corinne on

    Life goals! Simply gorgeous!

  • Julie on

    So beautiful!!!

  • Lisa O'Rourke on

    So beautiful and charming!

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