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Time to squeeze some invisible oranges.

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Jennifer Johnson-Heim of Oslo, Norway says she first started stitching in 2005 with my patterns, but this is the first time she's sent in any photos. So, what other awesome stitching has she been keeping to herself then? Because, this apron mashup of Rock 'n Roll and Totally Metal is exactly what I LIKE TO SEE. Meaning, Jennifer's own clever mix of the patterns! Let's go over them:

  • barbed wire repeated on the waistband (awesome)
  • skull 'n drumsticks (very nice)
  • Eddie Van Halen'd guitar (supercool)
  • int'l hand symbol for "let's rock" added to apron ties (brilliant)

I think I see a blue metallic guitar there, too. YESSSS. Thanks, Jennifer!

props to "Uncle Paul" for telling me about invisible oranges!

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