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I love my Japanese customers. I have a letter from one that I keep over my desk telling me about the rainy season (Tsuyu) and wishing me to visit Japan. So sweet. They always send cute little notes to me.

Today when I checked my email, I found this waiting:

i'm from japan.
i love your stitching.

i don't like stiching but i will try it
becouse your patterns are so cute!!!!!

i read your page in japanease.
i didn't understan becase little bit
strage japanese. you didn't ask to translate
who live in japan right?

I think they will love your patterns in japan.

thank you.

love, toko

So, for all the "engrish" jokes we make about them, looks I'm making up for it on our side, folks.
"Sublime Stitching fun goodly patterns that grandma disdain!"

Oh, and if I only had time to venture into cross-stitch, I would definitely start with the designs like the girl pictured above. I found her at Pinn-Stitch. Domo!

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