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Mint House Japan

Makoto Oozu is a long-time friend of Sublime Stitching. Makoto contacted me years ago with wonderful cross-stitched insects he'd made. He just sent me a batch of his latest books and designs, which are just the neatiest neato patterns for contemporary cross-stitch, this side of Subversive Cross Stitch, but of course.

Makoto's newest book is (AWESOME) Hop! Stitch! Jump! and there is so much to love. Stitched pegboard? Genius! Embroidered paper bags à la "the unknown comic"? Brilliant. Visible anatomy? I'm moving to Japan. I'm not sure where or how you can order his book, but there's this wonderful resource well-worth perusing: Crafting Japanese. Domo Makoto-chan! Visit his site: The Mint House

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