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Embroidered Map

From my collection ♥ When I first started embroidering, my mother told me about a large, embroidered map that she remembered being in the family for a very long time. "Where is it? Where is it??" I asked, desperately hoping it was still around. So, we asked my grandma (who was born in 1910 and lived to be 94!) if she knew where the map was. "Oh, I think it's probably out in the garage." (I probably gasped in horror at that point) And there it was, folded in a box, somewhere in the vicinity of the washing machine and my grandfather's fishing poles. A large (about 32" across) map with disintegrating stitches on badly stained cotton. Grandma said it had been in the family for as long as she could remember, but no longer recalled who did it. Me being the one in the family with a new-found love of needlework, the heirloom was bestowed upon lucky, lucky me.

Any specialists of embroidered maps reading the blog who can weigh in on this piece?

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