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New PDF~ Sad Valentine

Yesterday I got a wild hair. I asked on the FB page what you most wanted by the end of the day. Silly me, I made "new PDF pattern?" one of the options. About 100 comments later, it was clear I needed to whip up a new pattern. "By the end of the day" I'd said (and, it kinda already was the end of the day). Gulp. Draw, draw, draw...

Here it is! A quick-draw, sketchy, windswept girl in the rain. Perfect as a sad Valentine. I put it up on the site last night (some of you eagle-eyes noticed that) and couldn't resist stitching it up this morning. Ah. Satisfaction. Instant-gratification. Drawing + PDF = pattern to you immediately. Now it's my turn to wait for you all to show me your stitches with it. I'll wait for you here.

ETA: Wondering how I made her umbrella look like that? Read my tutorial on Floss Blending and you can do it, too.

Sad Valentine PDF pattern available here!

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