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Introducing Sublime Floss


An embroidery dream of mine has come true. I now have my. own. line. of embroidery floss. (There aren't enough exclamation points for me to use, so I'm not even bothering.) This is the result of a year's work and we are so excited to finally have this ready for you!

Sublime Floss™ // nine palettes // sixty-three colors // six strand // 100% cotton // finest quality // colorfast
Each palette tells a story, and every color is a character. You know I just had to give them funny names...







Oh, and I couldn't resist putting little jokes on all the paper bands. Every one.


Wait! There's still another surprise! Rub your you see what you think you see?

Mingles. The first ever pre-blended colors of embroidery floss! Did you even know you could do that? (You might want to watch this tutorial for how to blend floss colors yourself.) Like that black and white skein? It's called "Dalmation". Somebody pinch me. I can't believe this day has finally come. this cheap, grab-bag discount floss? No! It is not. Is it the same as what you can get just any ol' where? No! It is not. Is this something special that I know you'll enjoy looking at, stitching with and chuckling over? Oh, I most sincerely hope so. For more about this floss, read my Sublime Floss™ FAQ

Stores that already carry our floss are (current as of 10/19/2012):

CA // Sew LA // Sew Modern // Princess Animal // Craftopia Studio // Once Around // The Makery
CO // Sweet Little Chickadee
GA // Sew Main Street // Oh Sew Retro
MA // Stitch House // Greys Fabric  // Gather Here
MN // Digs  // Crafty Planet
// Mash Handmade
NM //
// Home Made // Uptown Needleworks
NY // Brooklyn General // Textile Arts Center 
OR // Gossamer // Weekend Kits
TX // Stitch Lab // Timeless Menagerie (opening soon)
WA // Ugly Baby and La Ru
// Two Little Aussie Birds // The Habby Goddess // The Milkbar Cafe + Workshop // The Makery
Canada // Stash Needle Art Lounge
New Zealand // Madame Fancy Pants
Switzerland // Die Schneidereien
UK // Sew and Make // Ray Stitch

All stores that carry Sublime Stitching goods can be found here

Oh and...

They make pretty rad friendship bracelets. Have FUN.

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