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Hoop Group - 11 Embroidery Hoops


Hoop Group - 11 Embroidery Hoops


A lovely group of wooden hoops! (No more hunting and gathering.) It's an instant showing of your work in stitches. I've put together a collection of variously sized wooden hoops to arrange on the wall -with embroidery in them, of course! Total dimension will vary depending on your arrangement, but the arrangement shown here measures 27w" x 22"h (68.6cm x 55.9cm).

Includes 11 hoops:

  • Two 8" hoops
  • Two 5" hoops
  • Three 4" hoops
  • Three 3" x 5" oval hoops
  • One 5.5" x 9" oval hoop

BONUS! Comes with a free PDF of multiple arrangement ideas!