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Heavy Tracing Paper

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Heavy Tracing Paper


Trace any design! No lightbox or sunny window needed. Use with a transfer pen, and you have your own iron-on design! Cool beans.

These easy-to-see through sheets are thicker than standard tracing paper and will stand up to hot ironing, tracing, and repeated use. Loose leaf means there's no risk of tearing the sheets as you remove them from a pad. The envelope (shown) is perfect for storing your designs to use again later!

Twenty 8 1/2" x 11" loose leaf sheets 
28 lb vellum
(vegetable-based only)

✓ Highly transparent
✓ Heavy duty for repeat use
✓ Can be used with a hot iron
✓ Great with transfer pens

♥ How-To: Tracing Paper & Transfer Pens