Au Ver à Soie Sampler Collection Silk Thread for Hand Embroidery - TURQUOISE

An treasure chest of Au Ver à Soie silk threads for hand embroidery, here in a range of lustrous teal and turquoise. For hand embroidering a variety of textures along the same color range with stunning results. Au Ver à Soie silks have been made by the same French family since 1820!

This collection of silk threads includes:

Divisible Threads

One 5 meter skein of Soie Alger / 7 ply Spun Silk Floss
One 5 meter spool of Soie de Paris 100% Pure Silk Floss

Non-Divisible Threads

One 10 meter bobbin of Metallic Braid Silk Blend
One 15 meter wooden spool of Soie Perlée (twisted) 100% Pure Silk Thread
One 30 meter spool of Soie Ovale (fine twist) 100% Pure Silk Thread 

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