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PDF - Frida Kahlo Portrait Pattern & Stitch Atlas™

Embroidery Patterns

PDF - Frida Kahlo Portrait Pattern & Stitch Atlas™


Embroider a portrait of Frida Kahlo with my Stitch Atlas! This 8-page PDF includes the portrait for you to print out and trace, and explains exactly which colors and stitches to use on the design! It also suggests how thick or thin to make your stitches. Sound complicated? I've developed an easy-to-read method for explaining all this information at a glance. This PDF also includes my personal techniques for embroidering eyes, noses, mouths and skin tones.

Frida is also available as a linen pillow kit, with the design pre-stamped in full color on the fabric. The PDF offered here comes automatically with purchase of the kit. 

This PDF includes:

  • Finished, embroidered reference photo
  • Two versions of the pattern: right way / reversed 
  • Instructions for tracing and transferring the design (you will need either a Fine Tip Transfer Pen or Carbon Transfer Paper, sold separately)
  • Stitch Atlas™ with COLOR & STITCH charts
  • Additional techniques for how to embroider eyes, noses, mouths and skin tones