Embroidery Patterns - which format?



Iron-On Transfer

Just iron on to fabric and then stitch along the lines! The transfers will imprint multiple times so you can repeat a pattern for more than one use. (How dark you make each imprint will determine how many repeats you get.) Each sheet of designs measures 8 ½” x 11” with multiple patterns on high-quality paper for re-use. These patterns can also be imprinted onto wood and card stock for other crafts. Every pack comes with complete instructions for use and an introductory stitch lesson.

PDF w / Color Guides


Get the patterns instantly as a multi-page file you can print out at home and trace! The PDF includes reversed and "right way" versions of the patterns, and two versions of the entire sheet in color suggestions. You will need carbon transfer paper or a transfer pen to transfer the pattern to fabric (or other surface):

The PDF includes complete instructions for transferring the designs by hand. Please Note: Due to size limitations of standard printers, PDF versions of the patterns are slightly smaller than the iron-on transfer version.


Get ‘em both for a discount! This way you have the easy iron-on transfers and the color guides! Smiles all around by the pound.

Why don't the color guides just come printed with the iron-on transfers?


It would be too expensive for us to include two full-color sheets with the iron-on transfers. We'd have to raise the price of the patterns, and who wants that? So if you prefer transfers, but also want the color guides, they're available as a combo discount! xo

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