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New Free Pattern and Preview!

Jenny Hart Hand Embroidery PatternsThere's a new free pattern available! But hang on, this isn't just any freebie we're tossing your way. This is actually a preview and small excerpt from our upcoming transfer sheet! It's going to be our BIGGEST pattern sheet ever, with multiple themes on it. Just to give you an idea: it will also include a bear up a tree. (I'm not kidding.)

• Get the FREE sample pattern PDF here •

Hand Embroidery Pattern Skull and Roses

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Stuff you see here:
Oval Hoop
White Carbon Transfer Paper
Tracing Stylus

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  • Judy King on

    I’ve lived in Mexico for 25 years, so of COURSE I love this pattern! I may, however change just a bit and try to slip a bit of marigold yellow into the mix as that is THE favorite flower for the Day of the Dead. THANKS.

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