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New Embroidery Patterns SUBLIME BORDERS

It's here! Our biggest, most ambitious, highly-detailed, MULTI-THEMED pattern sheet yet! 

Memento Mori • Wild Hares • Mountain Cabin • Beehive Garden 

Available now online here or locally at:

Collage (Portland)Stone Mountain & Daughter Fabrics (Berkeley)Handcraft Workshop (Philadelphia)
Crafty Planet (Minneapolis) and coming soon to London Fields Shoppe (Vancouver) ...and more!

Wanna see more of these borders all stitched up? There's a lot to see (click on any photo to go to the patterns)... 

Each border fits perfectly along the edge of our Narrow-Hemmed Pillowcases!

(Need to brush up on your satin stitch?)

I recently re-read The Velveteen Rabbit (tears for days) and I think it may have inspired the border of hearts and wild hares...

My studio work inspired the inclusion of a memento mori:

Any of these borders can be repeated end-to-end for a continuous design! 

How about a dream cabin in the mountains?

Check out this brief Pan-O-Rama video I made of the mountain cabin border! 

How will you stitch these up?


SUBLIME BORDERS & Narrow-Hemmed Pillowcases! xo


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  • Nury Stevens on

    Fantastic!!! I love your designs. Wishing you success.

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