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New FREE Pattern!

There's a new Free PDF Pattern available! You know what that means: go snag it while you can!

Am I correct in sensing you want a bunch of succulent patterns? 

Did you miss the last free pattern? It's now a part of this sheet!

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  • Mama Miah on

    Thanks for sharing this, I’d like to try this one… I am soooo into cactus and succulents by the way… ’)

  • Charlene tilson on

    Just moved back to AZ which is my home and this quite attractive

  • jackie on

    Love the cactus pattern. I live in southwest AZ. and like Susan it is very hard to find desert patterns.

  • Kilara on

    Yes I love it. I would adore a sheet of cacti and succulents!!!

  • Susan Sshenton on

    I love this! I live in the desert near Moab Utah….I find it hard to find desert patterns of any kind!!!!Thanks Susan

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