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Telephone Date! Heidi Kenney Tote Bag

There's a new printed tote bag! Telephone Date is a front-and-back design by Heidi Kenney of My Paper Crane. We love her Sweet Treats embroidery patterns so much we asked her to do more! Here it is: a girl and boy having a little phone date. Just in time for Valentine's Day...

Looks like this (after you embroider it, silly):

Oh, yes you so can do this! This design is super easy. I have some simple stitching lessons here and a whole embroidery starter kit if you're ready to get serious. And don't forget: there's also a free sewing pattern to line your tote after you embroider it.

Did you write that down? No? Let's re-cap:

As always: the printed tote bag comes automatically with the Telephone Date PDF. xo!

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