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Hubba Hubba!

Ever seen one of these shirts? I come across these whimsical embroidered shirts from time to time, and bought one Rin Tanaka's Inspiration LA market this past weekend. The one thing I have not been able to find out: what was the name of this fad? It certainly was a fad of some sort, owing to the number of shirts like these I've seen and the way they all resemble one another: tiny white shirt, embroidered with names of friends (or movie stars?) on the front and back with silly expressions from the time. Hubba hubba...

This is my favorite kind of hand embroidery. It's what I find the most endearing: names or words, not-too-expertly stitched, in rainbow colors, floating all over the place. So sweet. So affectionate. They vary in quality: some begun enthusiastically and then never finished...some bearing the actual signature of the person that was later embroidered.

Hey Bob a Re Bob -do you have any idea what this fad was called? 


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