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Spring has sprung, so PUT A BIRD ON IT.

In promoting the release of the new Song Birds pattern sheet, this blog post shall cater to two generations. See which one you belong to:

My father used to say "Spring has sprung! The flowers is riz! I wonder where da boidies iz?"
(Did you chuckle? Or did you roll your eyes?)

Now, after almost fourteen years, I have finally added a nice, tame, sheet of pretty little birds to the Sublime Stitching catalog. You know what that means! That's right: you can finally PUT A BIRD ON IT. 
(Yeah- I know YOU got it.) But...Mom...?

If both of these references speak to you, jump ahead two squares and pat yourself on the back. If the first one recalled a beloved grandfather or goofy uncle, I share your warm recollections. If the "put a bird on it" reference (which is already pretty old) meant nothing to you, then please catch up and watch this:

And if it still doesn't speak to you, then just go buy the new patterns, and shamelessly start putting birds on everything. We love it. We won't judge. Promise. 

Sublime Stitching • Song Birds Embroidery Transfers!

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