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A sublime signed artifact!

Once upon a long time ago, we were asked to produce a very special sheet of patterns for The Decemberists. We never sold these packs on our website, they were only available on The Decemberists' 2006 tour. Did you go?

Well, former Sublime Stitching uber-manager Courtney took her daughters to see Carson Ellis and Colin Meloy signing their new book in Austin, and took her trusty pack of Sublime Stitching patterns for them to sign! What a nice artifact! She sent me a photo the other day, and I thought you'd get a kick out of it too.

But I'm not just dangling no-longer-available designs in your face! Look:

Carson Ellis returned to our catalog with a full sheet of designs, including those that appeared on the original Decemberists sheet.

If you're not already familiar with Carson's work, you're in for a treat: xo


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