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Here comes The BIG SHEET!

Remember when I said we needed to make room for new patterns? Well, this is why! Not only are there new Mexican Loteria Embroidery Patterns, but we are also introducing...

For themes too fun and inspiring to limit to one sheet, we now offer an expanded, "Big Sheet"! (See how much bigger the envelope is?) It includes the same designs found on the standard size, and many more! And not only that friends and family, lemme tell you...

The Big Sheet also includes a full-color insert with extra tips, instructions and ideas. I thought you'd like that, mom.

I know this is a lot to take in all at once, so let's re-cap, shall we?

1. New Patterns! Mexican Loteria!

2. New Format! The Big Sheet or Standard Size!

3. What about PDFs? Available just as before, and the PDF has extra colorways!

Let's see how you like this new format. If you like it a whole bunch, we'll do more of them! Simple as that. xoxo

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