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Letters + Banners

Oh, I know how you fret and fuss over the placement of your lettering. And with the recent release of Ribbons & Banners, you must really be having fits. Want some ideas? Okay then, have a look here. I worked up several examples for you:

All of the banners shown can be found on the Ribbons & Banners sheet! 1. "SWD" initials in Skinny Letters 2. "Mother" in Tattoo Alphabet fits on the largest banner 3. "Rad" in Heavy Metal Alphabet. See how dramatic it looks to have oversized letters float in front of the banner? 

What about 4? "Baby" and "I love you" is just my handwriting, directly onto the fabric.
Really, handwriting in embroidery is my favorite. The less perfect, the better.

Do you dare to try? Here are some tips on embroidering your own handwriting! xo


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