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New PDF - Crystal Visions

I couldn't resist stitching this up right away. Crystal Visions embroidery patterns are the perfect mix of natural chaos and geometric perfection! Available as a PDF you can instantly download. There are several different types of formations in the set for you rock hound stitchers.

Right about now is when you ask me (and I'm happy to answer):

How may strands are you using?
All six. I don't always use all six, but I did for the example above. I like the "chunky" look. (That's a rock joke.)

What floss colors did you use?
I stitched this with Sublime Floss colors from Rainbow, Fruit Salad and Portrait. I think this pattern would look excellent stitched in Taffy Pull!

What fabric are you stitching on?
Something tells me you would enjoy reading Fabrics I Love to Stitch.

Enjoy! And if you tag your work in instagram @sublimestitching or #sublimestitching I can check it out! xo

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