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Get Ready to Mingle!

What to do with Mingles Blended Embroidery Floss? Are you stuck for ideas? And what does it look like?
Well, it looks like this:

Oh, you mean stitched. What will it look like when stitched? I get it now. Like this:

This is what Mingles Floss looks like when it's worked in a satin stitch on a nice, dusty rose-colored fabric (that's a color combo hint). This black-and-white blend is called "Dalmation" and yes, it's #101 (huzzah)! But, the results will vary depending on the stitch you use. Here's another example:

This letter "R" was brought to you by Anne of Quilted Lovelies! She said she used a long & short stitch (and it looks to me like she outlined the whole letter in a back stitch). The fabric looks like it's one of our very own Tea Towels!
What are you going to stitch with the Mingles Floss, huh? Okay, here are some more ideas:

And here's my tutorial for satin stitch and the fabric you see above is just like our Tea Towels!

Play around! Mess up! See what happens and have FUN. 

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