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Moomin Embroidery Patterns!

MOOMIN Embroidery Patterns
• Moomintroll • Moomin Papa • Moomin Dance Party + more to come!

We are thrilled to pieces to announce an official collaboration with the Moomin family to bring you Moomin embroidery patterns! This is particularly special, because this month (August 9th) marks their creator Tove Jansson's 100th birthday.

They danced around a lot and got into trouble now and then as I was trying to draw them, but I think I got them down.

I know that many of you are already well acquainted with Tove Jansson's beloved books and characters. In fact, it was a Sublime Stitching friend that first introduced me to Moomin with a sweet gift package from overseas more than ten years ago.  



In honor of Tove Jansson's 100th birthday, we are introducing three sets of Moomin embroidery sheets, and will be releasing many more in the coming months. Who is your favorite character? Tell us who you want most to see!


Tove Jansson's work is not intended just for children. You know who you are. Children who never really grew up. There is a wonderful and surprising darkness in her work, and the Moomins sometimes stumble into uncertain corners...

I hope you'll dive into the many outlets of her remarkable creativity and learn more about this fascinating woman. There are books of the original Moomin cartoon strips, some wonderful Pinterest boards dedicated to Jansson's life and artwork, and Youtube has plenty of animated TV shorts based on the Moomins. My favorites are the early stop-motion animation ones, of course...

And don't miss this Moomin / Bjork mashup.

Enjoy your adventures in Moominland, and remember: more Moomin patterns will be coming right here!

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