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New Moomin Series Patterns: SNORK MAIDEN

Did you think we'd forgotten Snork Maiden? How could we! The Sublime Stitching Moomin Series of Embroidery Patterns continues its celebration of Tove Jansson's 100th birthday with more characters from her beloved cartoon series.

• SNORK MAIDEN • Embroidery Patterns

Some things you may need to know about Snork Maiden: she is not the same species as her friend Moomin Troll (although they look quite similar). She is a Snork. One key difference is that Snorks change color according to their moods. For example: Snork Maiden turns pale green when she is upset.

(That means you can really play around with her moods when you stitch her up!)

(Images are Snork Maiden greeting cards found here.)

Sigh. I just love how dreamy and sweet she is, even if she is a bit jealous and silly at times.
Aren't we all?

Are you just now discovering the Sublime Stitching Moomin Series of Embroidery Patterns? Don't fret, you can read all about Moomins and Tove Jansson here!

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