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Sublime Stitching for Machine Embroidery!

For so long you have asked if Sublime Stitching designs are available for machine embroidery. Finally, there's a collection of Sublime Stitching Machine Embroidery Designs from Janome USA! The collection features many favorites and new designs too:

But, first I ask: does this look like machine embroidery to you?

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You might be able to fool your friends and tell them you hand stitched this, you sneaky dog. I worked very hard with Janome's designers to create machine embroidery patterns that have a look of hand-stitching. You know, I wanted to go for something a little less baseball-cap-logo and more sweetness and light.

There are actually TWO Sublime Stitching collections. One comes included with the Janome MC 15000 machine (the sugar skull is in that collection, and the hand pattern is here.)
The other collection of 25 designs is available right here: 

Sublime Stitching Machine Embroidery Collection for Janome

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Machine embroidery? What's the point in that?
Not everyone is able to do handwork. Some people have arthritis, poor eyesight or limited mobility and machine embroidery is a fun, creative outlet for them. But, that's not always the reason someone chooses to do machine embroidery. (They might just enjoy it.) I call upon my hand-embroidering brethren and sisteren to not cast aspersions upon our machine-embroidering cousins.

Will the machine collection designs be available for hand embroidery?
Yes! Most of the new designs are available in a multi-page PDF right here. Most of the other designs in the collection are already available as transfers (Craftopia, Vintage Ornaments, Dia De Los Muertos). 

Will you be offering the rest of the Sublime Stitching catalog for machine embroidery?
I've toyed with this plan for a very long time. Many of the designs are already formatted for machine embroidery, but I need people to try them out. If you are interested in being a tester, email us here and say so!

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  • Jennifer Jones on

    I love your patterns but I don’t have time to hand stitch so I mostly just machine embroidery

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