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Ombre Embroidery in Moominland!

You all went so goofy when I posted to instagram an example of what happens when you embroider with the Taffy Pull and Mingles floss!

Then, you also went all goofy for the pattern of the trees! Lucky you, it's available here now. 

Moomin Home Embroidery Patterns (has the forest) & Snufkin Embroidery Patterns

And if you want to achieve the ombré-like effects you see above, you'll need:

Sublime Floss in Taffy Pull (varies in shade along the strand)

Sublime Floss in Mingles (two shades side-by-side in the same strand)

People will ooh and ahh over your creativity! I won't tell anyone how you did it. You secret is safe with me!

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  • Joanne on

    I love using multicolored thread. It gives such a nice effect!

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