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Premiere Machine Embroidery Patterns!

Premiering thirteen sheets of classic Sublime Stitching patterns for machine embroidery!

I am so excited to finally have these available for you! We started off with some classics from the collection (and yes, more are coming). They are intended to resemble hand-embroidery, more delicate, You know what I mean?

Before we launched the designs for machine we asked several testers to try them out and answer some questions. Here's what they said!

"I was really pleased with the quality. I didn't have to alter the pattern at all to make it look great. It basically did the work for me." - Elizabeth D.

"It is super nice to have the look of hand embroidery especially since the whole design I did took 15 minutes, even with thread changes!" - Heather F.

"I have this same pattern in its "traditional" version, so it was fun to try it at 10 times the speed!" - Michelle E.

But I want to know what YOU think. So, we're starting off with a portion of the collection of patterns, waiting for your feedback, and then we'll make more! Now you really have no excuse not to stitch gifts for the holidays. Just sayin'. 

Oh, and if you want to know when new patterns are available for machine embroidery, be sure to sign up for the Sublime Stitching Machine Embroidery Newsletter!

• Sublime Stitching Patterns for Machine Embroidery HERE •

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