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Sublime Stitching Gift Guide 2014!

• You still have a few days left to get your order in by Monday, December 15, 2014 9pm PST •

Wondering what your stitcher wants? Here, I can help you with that...


1 • Tool Cases Available with (or without) all the tools shown, in six different styles!  
2 • Gold and Silver Embroidery Scissors I love gold and silver together. It just screams "I'm fancy" to me. 
3 • Embroidery Needles These are my favorite needles for embroidery. The cute magnet is a plus, too! 
4 • This Took Forever Woven Labels They'll get the message with these sew-in labels. You won't have to say another word...

Having the right fabric to stitch on and a nice floss is what counts.
5 • Most Awesome Tea Towels Embroidery stands out on these sturdy, soft towels, our most popular textile.
6 • Sublime Floss™ in Taffy Pull & Flowerbox These are only two color palettes from the Sublime Floss line! 
7 • Many Mountains Printed Tote Bag & Mark Allen Pillow Stamped with a wash-out ink, this large design is easy and ready to stitch up.

Gift the gift of an education in embroidery! It will last a lifetime.
8 • Embroidered Effects (signed copy) This book starts with the very basics and takes you beyond what you think embroidery can and can't do.
9 • Ultimate Embroidery Kit This all-in-one kit will get anyone started in embroidery -and keep them stitching with its high-quality tools.

And of course, if you really can't make up your mind, don't forget we have...

• You have a few days left to get your order in by Monday, December 15, 2014 9pm PST • 

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