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There's a new PDF! Folk Foxes is a Dutch-inspired, embroidery fantasy that is easy to trace and addictive to stitch. And because it's a PDF, you can download it right away and get stitching! All you will need is carbon transfer paper or a transfer pen. (Every PDF comes with complete instructions on how to use each method.) Floss colors? I'm using Fruit Salad, Flowerbox and Parlour (plus extra gray for those ears, eyes, nose and paws).

Hm? You like the Dutchy-folky stuff? Meee too. There's also...

The Double Dutch Tote Bag (pre-printed with the design for you to stitch) and if you want, the design is available separately as a PDF right here.

Oh! I almost forgot about these...


Dutch Russian embroidery transfers! You know, 'cause they're a little bit Dutch, a little bit that.

When it comes to swirly, flowery, beautifully symmetrical folk motifs? What's not to love?


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