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New Transfer Patterns: Hanky Corners!

Finally! Your patience has paid off. Ever since I released the Most Awesome Handkerchiefs you have been begging me for the patterns I stitched on them. Silly rabbits. Calm down! They're here! They're right here... 

• HANKY CORNERS • Embroidery Transfer Patterns  And if you don't already have these...

Be sure to grab a neat stack of plain (but not-too-thin) handkerchiefs to stitch!

Hm? What's that? Tips on hooping these little suckers at the corner? This is all you need...

Leave a little breathing room at the edge of your fabric when you transfer the pattern (you don't want the design totally crammed down in the corner anyway). Then, with a nice little 4"hoop, you should have no problem fitting the handkerchief on for stitching! 

Oh, and if you are looking for lettering to add mongrams, have a gander at all the Alphabet Transfer Patterns right here!

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