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Iron-On Fine Tip Transfer Pens in Five Colors!

Great advances in transfer pen technology have been made! I am SO excited to finally share this with you. We have exclusively developed FINE TIP Transfer Pens! Why is this such a big deal? Well, these pens don't do that pumping, shaking, ink-glob thing because they have...

And with them, you can make very nice, crisp...

Plus the skinny lines can be...

And they are available in FIVE colors!

Here's what they look like when transferred:

How fine is fine? The first letter of each color shown above is stitched in 2 ply. The orange and green are very light, but not so light you can't see them. Perfect for pale threads! It's true, the ink does not wash out, and yes, they will imprint multiple times!

Oh! And another thing: if you purchase all five colors of pens, it comes with a FREE PDF of the "So Fine" design shown. xoxo

• FINE TIP • Iron-On Transfer Pens HERE

Want to know how to transfer a pattern onto fabric? Just watch this superquick video I did for KIN DIY! 
In just two minutes I demonstrate:
Method 1: Iron-on transfer patterns like these!
Method 2: Tracing a pattern with Carbon Transfer Paper and a Tracing Stylus
Method 3: Tracing a pattern with an Iron-On Transfer Pens and Tracing Paper
(I bet you'll watch it twice just for the music.) See? It's not as hard as you think! xo

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  • Jenny Hart on

    @janet Nope! You do not need a special paper (although they work best with our Heavy Duty Tracing Paper because it won’t absorb the ink), and they do not smear after they are transferred onto the fabric!

  • Janet on

    Do I have to use a special paper with these pens? Do they smear once the pen is one the fabric? Thanks, jwt

  • Jenny / Sublime Stitching on

    @Lilian You can purchase them directly from our website! We ship internationally.

    @Justyna Not a dumb question at all! Some people like to use as many colors as they can to make a multi-colored transfer, but this is just a matter of preference. Personally, I like the Orange for very pale threads when worked in just a few strands. You may only need one pen -it depends on how you prefer to prep your pattern! Another way to look at it is that the color of the pen doesn’t have to perfectly match your thread, it can serve as a reminder that you need to change colors so you don’t forget as you are in the “embroidering zone”. :)

  • Lilian .. Brigitte on

    Please where can I purchase the pens? I live in Chile

  • Justyna on

    This may be a dumb question, but why would someone need all the different colors? Is it to distinguish the different colors of thread you want to use? I’m new to the hobby, so I don’t know if that’s what the cool kids do haha.

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