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Fine Tip Transfer Pens are BACK!

They're back! The first batch sold out in just three days after we first released them, but now they're here again, and in five colors! No shoving!

Get 'em here > Sublime Stitching's exclusive Fine Tip Transfer Pens

Wait, what are these, why are they special and how do they work? Check out this comprehensive blog post!  

You might also enjoy watching this video of me demonstrating...

Want to know how to transfer a pattern onto fabric? Just watch this superquick video I did for KIN DIY! 
In just two minutes I demonstrate:
Method 1: Iron-on transfer patterns like these!
Method 2: Tracing a pattern with Carbon Transfer Paper and a Tracing Stylus
Method 3: Tracing a pattern with an Iron-On Transfer Pens and Tracing Paper
(I bet you'll watch it twice just for the music.) See? It's not as hard as you think! xo

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