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New Handkerchiefs in Colors!

You have been so goofy for our handkerchiefs, I thought it would be nice to expand the line to include some colors! What do you think?

Of course we still have the trusty ol' white ones. Are there other colors you'd like to see?

What's that? The patterns? Yes! You can get those designs right here: Hanky Corners patterns.


• Plain Handkerchiefs for Hand Embroidery in COLORS •


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  • Jenny / Sublime Stitching on

    Hi Susan! They come packed as one color per four-pack, not assorted! :) Thanks for your kind comments! xo

  • Chelsea on

    These colors are so awesome!

  • Susan on

    You recently asked for suggestions for other handkerchief colors. I agree that black would be fun to make little Halloween gifts. My main suggestion is to package sets of handkerchiefs in ONE color, rather than an assortment. I’d like to have sets of pastels, especially. Then I could stitch several alike, and give them as party favors or as gifts to members of a group. It would also be good to have several of one color that I could stitch up and have on hand for birthday or thank you gifts. For me, pastels and soft colors are always favorites—soft lime green; pink; peach; soft blue; aqua; lavender. Thank you for wonderful products and for a great website and a jazzy newsletter! I’m a big fan, and, for the record, I AM “your grandmother” who has done “grandmother type embroidery” for many years (decades!)!…Cheers, Susan

  • Jennifer on

    These are so awesome! Any chance of getting some of the other textiles in these colors too?

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