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NEW Narrow Hem Pillowcases

How do you improve on a classic pillow case? Make the hem narrow! We now have our very own narrow-hemmed 100% cotton poplin pillowcases that leave more room for your hand embroidery! You know, so you don't have to stitch through two layers of fabric, or work above that wide edge. It's a tough choice, but now you don't hafta choose! Your embroidery goes here!

• NARROW HEM PILLOW CASES for Hand Embroidery •

p.s. Those monogram letters are coming soon! xo

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  • Mandi on

    I cannot wait until the pattern shown on these cases is available. Please hurry! I feel Christmas gifts coming on…

  • TinaD on

    Love these, because I love embroidering pillowcases. i just wish I knew a way to get out the big yellow my-husband-shaves-his-head mark without damaging the embroidery.

  • Mary Hurd on

    The very first out line of a bluebird was on my pillow when I was 4 years old. Then I remember seeing hand embroidered pillows all over the couch in pale colors of pink, blue and even one black pillow. My first bluebird was in 1949.

  • Carla on

    Ok, I will admit I stitched your “grandmother’s” pillow cases 40 years ago – ah, when I was in my 20s. The pillow cases you are now providing are a HUGE improvement. Next generation embroiderers will love these. I can’t wait to order a few. My husband and I used the hand embroidered ones I made when first married until holes in the cases from worn cloth could not be repaired. That’s how lovely it is to have hand embroidered pillow cases to sleep on. A delight. Thank you for the improvement.

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