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Shipping Goddess: Stephanie!


Wanna know why your order reaches you so fast? This gal. I've been noticing more and more customer comments like "Dang, do you teleport these deliveries?!" and "Wow, you guys have crazy fast shipping! I don't even get stuff from major online stores this fast!". Meet your Sublime Stitching Shipping Goddess, Stephanie. Hewwo! 

Stephanie came along last summer during the move and made my life soooo much easier. I'm really grateful to have her around, always cheerful, always on top of it, always listening to death metal. Or Leonard Cohen. Or "Take the Skinheads Bowling" like she is right now. She's also an embroiderer and has been a long-time Sublime Stitcher (not required for the job, but considered a bonus). When I asked if I could take her picture for the site, she showed up wearing this shirt she embroidered with the Michael Sieben patterns! Black on pink and white checks. She is one of us, people. (I asked her if she wanted to do a mini interview for this she just got kinda bashful and said "Oh, you can just write something.") Done!

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