April 27 2004 Tuesday at 07:24 PM

MAN! It was such a great purse

And now it's gone. But I can't complain I guess. Some rocker in LA (with excellent taste) purchased it, while I was secretly hoping to carry it one more time.

Tina of Sparkle Craft actually made the purse. I just embroidered it. It says "Sin Within: All the Ways to Spend Your Life". Don't ask me what it means. There's feather stitching and french knots along the strap, and some gold glittery thread. It's real perty. Lovely working with you Teeners. Let's do it again soon, okay?

Ah well. It's out there having adventures of its own...sniff!...gasp...GUH-BYE COOL BAG!
*thank you Oshkin and Show Pony Boutique*