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"So, where do you place embroidery in the post-modern crafty movement?". Okay, I don't think that's really what they're discussing. This is late in the evening after my opening in New York at Big Cat Gallery. It was all a wonderful blur. Friends I hadn't seen in over 10 years showed up, and the place was fairly packed when I arrived. Special thanks to these folks: Dan Ferrara and Tia, Debbie Stoller of BUST, Stephanie Trong of Jane, Lynne Palazzi and the staff of Budget Living, John Thomas Robinette III of Volcano I'm Still Excited!!, cool guys David and Michael, Dana Mongovan, the many Glitter Girls, Susan Stars, Philip Heying, Melissa of Elle Girl, Jordon of Jordan Craft, Bronwyn Carlton and Kelly Jones from WFMU and Len Small. You all made me feel very special by turning up for the event.

Meanwhile, I'm resting up after my trip and will return to Sublime Stitching duties next week!

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