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Fade to black...and that's a wrap.

Why so quiet lately? Maybe you hadn't noticed. Seems like new things are always happening around here, whether or not I'm checking in. While Sublime Stitching takes on a life of its own, I was quietly dealing with the loss of another. At the end of September, my father passed away after 27 years of battling heart disease. So, instead of touring to promote my newly released book, or shipping SS orders, I decided it was time to take a long-needed break and lay low in October. I wish I could tell you everything about him, because he was a truly spectacular, creative, affectionate and supportive father.

And what about this entry's title? Well, he was an industrial / educational filmmaker for nearly 30 years, and this is what he wanted on his headstone. Yes, he was a bit silly to say the least. Thanks, dad. You were the best. Ever.

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