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Just in From Japan

Check out the latest designer to enter the Seller's Program. Ayoko (that's her up there) of Shamrock and I have been conducting all our emails through a clunky, online translator. Makes me hope my mis-translated messages come out as cute as hers do. Shamrock makes hats, bags and accessories in Japan with Sublime Stitching designs on them! It seems she uses facilities outside of Japan for some of her production, but has pictures of her trip to check out the conditions of the workers. That's my kind of girl! I wanted to know what Shamrock's website said about this, so I ran the page through an online translator. This is what it said:
Being politics insecure, it was just a little worry.
So, (when) the hardship (of making) the commodity comes being finished, it is rewarded, it is.

All's fair in supply and demand. We try to err on the fair side. Now, do what Ayoko's banner says- crick here!

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