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Tie Guy

My mom always sends me any kind of decorative embroidery or stitching book she comes across. So I have quite an interesting, growing collection of these bygone books. From 30's periodicals to 70's how-tos they all offer a glimpse of needlwork's waxing and waning trends. Most of the projects are pretty outdated à la quilted planter covers, but this picture jumped out at me. I'd meant to post this for father's day, but it slipped by. It's not so much the tie, but the guy. Despite the groovy, apple-cheeked sun motif, he's just pleased as punch to have a tie someone embroidered for him. Ya know, you could make someone so happy. Thanks mom, keep 'em coming! (from Stitchery, A Sunset Book from Lane Publishing, 1974)

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