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l to r: Cristina Martinez, Laurie Henzel, Debbie Stoller and yours truly get caught lookin' fine

WOW. The Bust Craftacular was a total blowout! I've never seen so many handmade happy people in my life! It was held in the Waraw- a Polish dancehall and concert venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Shoulder-to-shoulder people as far as the eye could see:

I was thrilled to cross paths with the always-superbly-coiffed Brini Maxwell. Not to mention finally enjoying some good 'ol craft market chatter with Jean Railla, Djerba Goldfinger and of course, Debbie Stoller. But the best was getting to meet those of you who came by specifically to say howdy to me. Some of you even jumped up and down and clapped your hands a little. You people are weird. But good weird...
Oh! And let me introduce you to Pearl, by far my youngest and cutest customer. Lookout- She's got Monkey Love patterns and she's gonna use 'em:

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